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Writing Services

At DG Writing, our writing services get results. This includes:

  • Writing that gets sales
  • Writing that helps with your marketing and branding efforts
  • Writing that increases your personal profile and reputation
  • Writing that brings visitors to your website
  • Writing that helps with SEO
  • Writing that engages your audience
  • Writing that educates and helps your audience

We specialise in offering a complete writing service and we take the hassle out of getting well-written content. Complete the form now to get a quote.

Website Copywriting

Website content should talk directly to your customers, but it shouldn’t simply describe the features of your products. Instead, it should explain to the visitor that you can solve a problem and/or make their life better. It should build trust, and it should encourage action. It should also help with SEO. If your website content doesn’t do this, contact us today.

Blogs and Articles

We write entertaining and informative blogs and articles that engage readers and encourage conversation. The blogs we create can be used to achieve a wide range of goals. This includes increasing your audience, enhancing your reputation as an expert in your field, and building closer relationships with your website audience, peers, and customers.

Ad Copy, Email Marketing Campaigns, and Landing Pages

Do you need writing that will directly lead to a conversion? This is what is required when you create an advertising campaign or an email marketing campaign. The quality of the words used in these initiatives is essential to success. We will ensure the right keywords are included, plus the writing will move the reader closer to a buying decision.

Reports, Company Profiles, and White Papers

Do you need to explore a topic area in-depth for marketing purposes? Do you need a company profile to enhance your website, or do you need content that will help you access funding or investment? We can help. Research can be included if required, and the final content will properly represent your brand while delivering your message clearly and succinctly.

Brochures and Other Printed Marketing Materials

We don’t just work on content that is published online as we also develop content for printed brochures and other marketing materials. We are skilled at delivering complex ideas in concise language, making the content readable, persuasive, and engaging.

Product Descriptions

We don’t write product descriptions that are simply lists of features containing jargon and irrelevant technical information. Instead, we help the customer get closer to the product so they fully understand why they will be better off when they buy it.

Press Releases

Do you have a story to tell, an announcement to make, or a message to get across? We create press releases that meet common standards in the media industry. Your press release will be easy to read, and it will portray your company or organisation in the best possible light.

Social Media Content

We can help with the daily/weekly struggle of producing engaging, interesting, and customer focussed social media content. Social media is a noisy place and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed. We’ll get your voice heard using creativity and our knowledge of how audiences react.