New Resource Published – SEO Content Guide

Having well-written SEO content is a key part of any effective SEO strategy. It brings a number of benefits to your business. This includes:

  • Making your website more visible to Google and other search engines
  • Helps visitors find the information they need which builds loyalty to your brand
  • Ultimately helping you get more sales

I have just published a new resource: SEO Writing Guide for Businesses and Brands. It explains what SEO writing is and the elements required to make sure it is effective. The areas covered in the resource include:

  • Keywords in SEO content – why keywords are important and how many you should have
  • Keyword challenges – how to deal with difficult keywords, i.e. keywords that are complex or grammatically awkward
  • Density of keywords – how often keywords should appear on the page
  • Where to use keywords – the strategic places that keywords should appear
  • Style of writing – the type of writing that makes good SEO content
  • Length – how long the content should be

Real Examples of SEO Content

The resource doesn’t just explain the principles. Instead, each element is actively used on the page. This means there are target keywords on the page and I show where they are used and how. This makes the theory of SEO writing easier to visualize.

If you have pages on your website that are not ranking as well as they should, you should check they meet the criteria laid out in the resource. Of course, writing is only one part of SEO, and your content might not be ranking for a number of different reasons. One of the easiest to fix, however, is the writing part. Why? It is the part that you have the most control over.

That doesn’t make it easy to achieve. Writing is a skill and writing SEO content takes that skill to another level. It is worth the effort, however, as Google will get a better understanding of what your page is about, increasing your chances of ranking well.

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