New Resource Published – SEO Content Guide

Having well-written SEO content is a key part of any effective SEO strategy. It brings a number of benefits to your business. This includes: Making your website more visible to Google and other search engines Helps visitors find the information they need which builds loyalty to your brand Ultimately helping [...]

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Defining A Target Market – Why You Should Do It And How

Defining a target market is about figuring out who you sell to. It is something every business should know the answer to as it helps you structure everything from your long-term strategy to your marketing efforts to your customer service approach. So, who are you selling to? The answer should [...]

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The First Rule of Customer-Focused Website Content: Stop Focusing On Your Company and Products

Okay, that headline sounds counter-intuitive. Your website is about your company and products, after all - of course, you should talk about them, right? Yes, you should. However, the first priority is to create customer-focused website content, not content about your products or company. In other words, you should make [...]

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